This is a once-off annual fee applicable to all clients who participate in graduate recruitment events for the year.

Standard Registration

Tier 1 – R 4 500.00: Allows access to reserve a booking for expos, and you receive a half page employer feature in our 2024 Careers Service Guide as well as 5 free online adverts. For this year, we have introduced an early bird opportunity, which awards employers a reduced rate to our flagship career expo – the EPIC Job Expo. This early bird bonus is exclusively available to those who opt for the Tier 1 registration, provided the registration form is completed by 19 April 2024*.

Tier 2 – R 2 750.00: Allows access to reserve a booking for expos, and you receive 2 free online adverts for the year. Tier 2 registration is only available from 22 April 2024*.

Please note prices and dates are subject to change*

Partner Registration

The Employer Partner Programme is an exclusive offering designed to assist employers who would like to consistently recruit high quality students from the University of Cape Town. As a three-year sponsorship agreement, it offers employers the opportunity to maximise brand recognition at UCT, and build a strong profile within the campus community, thus ensuring that you attract the brightest talent UCT has to offer.

Contact us to find out more information around the Employer Partner Programme.

Recruitment Marketing

Careers Service Guide

Our annual Careers Service Guide grants employers access to advertise their graduate opportunities and raise their employer brand with the UCT student community. The 2022 Career Guide won 4 awards and was crowned “Corporate Publication of the Year” by the South African Publication Forum. The 2023 version received over 11 000 online impressions and close to 800 downloads to date, proving that this publication remains the most highly anticipated, eagerly read, and widely used by UCT students. The Careers Service Guide is set to be published in May 2024, with the deadline for registration completion for inclusion into this guide, being 19 April 2024.

Inside Front  R 22 500,00
Page 1  R 22 500,00
Director's Message  R 16 500,00
Contents Page  R 16 500,00
Employer Directory - Full Page  R 11 000,00
Employer Directory - Double Spread  R 18 000,00
Inside Back  R 18 000,00
Outside Back  R 18 000,00
Faculty/Departmental  R 8 750,00

Career Expos

This employer branding strategy provides the highest return on investment within your recruitment budget. Career expos provide a direct avenue to connect with students who are actively seeking job opportunities and networking engagements. It also cultivates a prime environment for graduate recruitment and establishing a crucial talent pipeline.

Click here to view a description of what each expo package consist of.

Internship and Job Expo – 16 & 17 April 2024

As the first annual Career Expo of the year, the Own Your Future-Internship and Job Expo provides a unique platform for employers to strengthen their brand, showcase their diverse internship and bursary programmes with promising students, and build a high-quality talent pipeline. To accommodate the high employer demand for access to this event, this expo now runs over 2 days.  The Own Your Future-Internship and Job Expo is known to be immensely popular amongst students seeking to carve out their professional paths, and as a result, exhibition booths sell out swiftly. Employers are encouraged to act promptly to secure their booths, ensuring they connect with top talent and make a lasting impact on the future workforce.

Standard Booth - R 9 500.00 per booth

Law Expo – 8 & 9 May 2024

The UCT Faculty of Law, recognised as one of the world's Top 100 Law Schools, consistently draws exceptional students from various backgrounds. The Law Expo takes place at UCT's Law Faculty, housed in the Kramer Building. We have decided to host our Law Expo over 2 days enabling us to host a maximum of 20 exhibitors on each day.

Standard Booth            R 9 000.00 per booth a day

Medium Booth              R16 000.00 per booth a day

NGO/NPO                      R 4 500.00 per booth a day

Epic Job Expo – 07 August 2024

Our premier event, The Epic Job Expo, is a comprehensive career expo that caters to the employment needs of all faculties. It brings together a diverse range of employers and job-seeking students and graduates, providing a platform for networking and recruitment opportunities. This integrated approach ensures that individuals from various fields have equal access to potential job opportunities and is tailored to promote the optimisation of your talent attraction strategy. In 2023, our event featured more than 80 exhibitors and attracted over 5,300 students. For this year, we have introduced an early bird opportunity exclusively available to those who opt for the Tier 1 registration, which will remain open until April 19th.

Early-Bird Booking - Standard Package  R 12 500,00
Early-Bird Booking - Medium Package  R 18 000,00
Standard Package  R 16 000,00
Medium Package  R 22 500,00
NGO/NPO  R 5 000,00

The EPIC Job Expo also offers sponsorship opportunities for employers who aim to distinguish their employer brand from the competition by sponsoring essential components of the expo. For more details on what these sponsorship opportunities entail, please feel to contact us.

Platinum Sponsor  R 225 000,00
Gold Sponsor  R 165 000,00
Silver Sponsor  R 115 000,00
CV Lab Sponsor  R 50 000,00
Chill Zone Sponsor  R 50 000,00


Notify students of your current opportunities or send a tailored message with a targeted email blast at any time of the year. You get to choose your target audience according to their academic profile and brand your communication to them. Based on your requirements, the number of students who match the criteria of your targeted group of students will determine which email option to go for.

The E-mail options below are dependent on your target group:

Option 1 (1-500)  R 1 250,00
Option 2 (501 - 2000)  R 1 750,00
Option 3 (2001 - 5000)  R 2 500,00
Option 4 (5001 - 10 000)  R 3 500,00
Option 5 (10 000+)  R 5 000,00

MyCareer Jobs Adverts

Gain access to UCT students through our exclusive job portal, MyCareer. Share your internships, vac-work, graduate programmes, and full-time jobs as well as bursary and scholarship opportunities to the UCT student community online. With an average of 8000 hits per month, this is the ideal platform to communicate with our students and alumni, with up to 3 years’ experience. We also encourage advertising opportunities in Africa for our international cohort of students.

30 Days  R 1 500,00
60 Days  R 2 000,00
90 Days  R 2 500,00
Alumni  R 1 000,00
International  R 1 500,00
Jobs in Africa  FREE
Internships  FREE
Bursaries  FREE
Part-Time Jobs  FREE
Vac-Work  FREE

SMS Marketing – R 2.00 per SMS

Send an update or remind students about your opportunities and events via SMS. You can specify the target audience according to their degrees and academic levels. Text must be less than 160 characters.

Employer Presentations

Elevate your recruitment strategy and boost brand awareness through in-person or virtual employer presentations. Connect directly with the brightest minds on campus, showcasing your company culture, values, career opportunities, and other unique aspects of your organisation.

These 45-minute presentations are promoted on our MyCareer Portal and via targeted e-mailers.

Campus Presentation  R 2 750,00
Virtual Presentation  R 2 250,00
Networking Presentation  Cost may vary depending on catering and venue requirements*

Company Showcase

Companies are invited to spend the day on campus interacting with students, creating awareness around their brand and the career opportunities on offer. Please note: This booking option is only available from 2nd Semester.

Company Own Stand  R 5 500,00
UCT Built Booth  R 12 000,00

Events Advertising – R 2 250.00

Advertise your recruitment events via our MyCareer portal as an event listing. You will receive a targeted email advertising the event as well as a reminder email on the day of the event.

Interview & Assessment Venues

The Careers Service provides six interview rooms perfectly suited for one-on-one interviews, along with an assessment venue capable of accommodating up to 15 individuals.

Interviews Room - Full Day  R 1 500,00
Interview Room - Half Day  R 1 000,00
Training Room - Full Day  R 3 250,00
Training Room - Half Day  R 2 250,00
Interview Room - Full Day - NGO  R 950,00
Interview Room - Half Day - NGO  R 700,00
Training Room - Full Day - NGO  R 1 750,00
Training Room - Half Day - NGO  R 1 250,00

An additional R 150.00 is charged per person for lunch, if required.

Employer Brand Initiatives

To access the various employer branding initiatives, please complete the employer registration process (for either Tier 1 or Tier 2 registration). These initiatives are categorised by themes, aligning with each semester. To join, please reach out to the designated project manager for each event via email. Given the collaborative nature of some initiatives, often conducted in partnership with other faculties and entities, it is highly advisable for employers to initiate contact early in the year for synchronised scheduling.

Assessment Series – Support students in excelling during the interview process by guiding them through various assessments pertinent to your industry and interview procedures. Inform us about the assessments you utilise and express your willingness to aid students in optimising their performance during interviews.

Industries Uncovered – Over the past decade, our society has witnessed the emergence of over 20,000 previously unheard-of job titles. Our Industries Uncovered talk series aims to unpack these titles and explore the selected industries in virtual panel discussions. Click HERE for dates and themes for 2024.

Mock Interview Programme –The Mock Interview Programme enables employers to engage with students who are preparing to, or actively seeking employment through simulated interviews. This provides students with a competitive edge as real employers offer valuable feedback on their interview skills. Upon confirmation of your participation to this programme, students' CVs and schedules are shared with you. By conducting these interviews, you not only contribute to refining their interviewing abilities but also have the opportunity to connect with potential future talent, as we strive to align students' academic backgrounds with your company's recruitment needs. This programme runs twice a year and is hosted both in-person and virtually. 

Sponsorship Opportunities – Speak to us about CSI opportunities. We can facilitate and grant access to disaggregated student data for bursary and funding opportunities.

Please note that all prices are excluding VAT.