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About The Final Interview

In the hiring process, a final round interview is the last chance to make a positive impression with a high-level employee. Expressing first-rate responses to their questions is likely to increase your chances of receiving the job of your dreams. The Mock Interview Programme: The Final Interview, helps you prepare for this all-important interview by giving you the chance to be interviewed by a real employer and get feedback on your performance. Preparing for a final interview includes developing effective answers that could impress the hiring manager

Why apply to The Final Interview?

You’ve impressed the recruiter, aced your assessment and have been invited for a final interview and have no idea what to expect? You’ve submitted your online profile, been invited for an interview with an executive or senior manager in the company you’ve applied to? This is your chance to prepare for these tough scenarios and get a better understanding of what is expected in a final interview.

Who should apply?

The Final Interview is aimed at final-year and postgraduate students across all faculties who have already applied for employment post-graduation.

How to apply?

  • Complete the online form on MyCareer and upload the CV you used when applying for your post.
  • Submit your application no later than [TBA]. Apply early as spaces are limited.
  • Next steps will be communicated to you via email.

When will interviews take place?

The interviews will take place in second semester [TBA]. Choose your preferred date and time when you apply to the programme. You will receive feedback about the status of your application via email.

See these resources before applying

Be sure to submit a CV you have previously used to apply for a job. View these helpful resources and improve your CV: