Standard Registration

Please note prices and dates are subject to change.

Tier 1 – R4 000: This is a once-off annual fee applicable to all clients who participate in graduate recruitment events for the year. You receive a feature in our annual Careers Service Guide* and 5 free online adverts for the year. *Provided the registration form is completed by 19 April 2023.

Tier 2 – R2 500: This is a once-off annual fee applicable to all clients who participate in graduate recruitment events for the year. You receive 2 free online adverts for the year. Tier 2 registration is only available from 1 May 2023

Partner Registration

The Employer Partner Programme is an exclusive offering designed to assist employers who would like to consistently recruit high quality students from the University of Cape Town. As a three-year sponsorship agreement, it offers employers the opportunity to maximize brand recognition at UCT, and build a strong profile within the campus community, thus ensuring that you attract the brightest talent UCT has to offer.

Contact us to find out more information around the Employer Partner Programme.

Recruitment Marketing

Careers Service Guide

Our annual Careers Service Guide allows you to advertise graduate vacancies and raise your brand with the UCT student community. The 2022 version received over 30 000 online impressions thus far proving that this is still one of the most anticipated, read and used publications by the UCT student population. The Careers Service Guide will be published in May 2023, the deadline for the completion of registration forms is 19 April 2023. 

Inside Front

R 20 000.00 

Page 1

R 20 000.00

Director’s Message

R 15 000.00

Content’s Page

R 15 000.00

Employer Directory – Full Page

R 10 000.00

Employer Directory – Double spread

R 15 000.00

Inside Back

R 15 000.00

Outside Back

R 15 000.00

Career Expos

This employer branding initiative offers the most ROI for your recruitment budget. Career expos allow you to engage directly with students seeking job opportunities, network, recruit and build that all important talent pipeline.

Own Your Future, Career Expo – 18 April 2023 

Our first semester expo is suited for our Employer Partners wanting to build a brand, inform & attract students to your programmes talent as well as for companies recruiting for internship and/or bursary programmes.  

Price per booth – R 8 500.00 

Law Expo – 10 May 2023 

The UCT Faculty of Law is rated among the Top 100 Law Schools in the world and attracts excellent students from diverse backgrounds. The Law Expo is held at the home of UCT’s Law Faculty in Kramer Building. Due to space limitations in the venue, we can only accommodate 20 exhibitors. 

Price per booth – R 7 000.00  

Epic Job Expo – 16 August 2023

The Epic Job Expo has incorporated the popular All Degrees, Accounting, Business related and Tech & Engineering Expos into our flagship job expo to ensure your talent attraction plan has become well rounded and targeted.  

Standard Package

R 12 500.00

Medium Package

R 18 000.00

Sponsor - Platinum 

R 200 000.00

Sponsor - Gold

R 150 000.00

Sponsor - Silver

R 100 000.00

Sponsor - CV Lab

R 40 000.00



Notify students of your current opportunities with a targeted email blast. You get to choose your target audience according to their academic profile and brand your communication to them. The options below are dependent on your target group:

Option 1 (1 – 500 recipients) 

R 1 000 per email

Option 2 (501 – 2 000 recipients)

R 1 250 per email

Option 3 (2 001 – 5 000 recipients)

R 2 000 per email

Option 4 (5 000 + recipients)

R 3 000 per email


MyCareer Jobs Adverts

Gain access to UCT students through our exclusive job portal, MyCareer. Share your internships, part-time and graduate opportunities, as well as bursary and scholarships to the UCT community online. With an average of 8000 hits per month, this is the ideal platform to communicate with our students and alumni, with up to 3 years’ experience. We also encourage advertising opportunities in Africa for our international cohort of students. 

During the months of January – September 

R 1 750.00 per post

During the months of October – November 

R 1 250.00 per post

During December

R 900.00 per post

Alumni Opportunities 

R 900.00 per post

Internships (less than 12 months)




Part-Time Jobs


Vac Work



SMS Marketing - R 1.50 per sms

Send an update or remind students about your opportunities and events via SMS. You can specify the target audience according to their degrees and academic levels. Text must be less than 160 characters.


Employer Presentations – R 2 500.00

Meet and network with interested students via a webinar where you present your company culture and other unique aspects of your organization and share your available internships and graduate programmes. These 60-minute sessions are hosted via Microsoft Teams, alternatively you may make use of your own virtual meeting software. These presentations are advertised and shared on our MyCareer Portal and via targeted e-mailers.


Company Showcase  

Companies are invited to spend the day on campus interacting with students, creating awareness around their brand and the career opportunities on offer. 

Company Own Stand

R 5 000.00

UCT Built Booth

R 10 000.00


Events Advertising – R 2 000.00 

Advertise your recruitment events via our MyCareer portal as an event listing. You will receive a targeted email advertising the event as well as a reminder email on the day of the event. 

Interview & Assessment Venues 

The Careers Service offers six interview rooms ideal for one-on-one interviews and an assessment venue that accommodates up to 15 pax. 

Interview Room - Full Day

R 1 200.00

Interview Room - Half Day

R 750.00

Assessment Venue - Full Day

R 3 000.00

Assessment Venue - Half Day

R 2 000.00


Employer Brand Initiatives

You can gain access to the following employer branding initiatives by completing the employer registration form. Participation in these events is not guaranteed because it is themed for each semester.

  • Assessment Series – Help students perform during the interview process by taking them various assessments relevant to your industry and interview process. Let us know which assessments you use and if you would like to assist students excel during the interview process. 

  • Industries Uncovered – In the last 10 years, more than 20,000 new job titles never seen or heard of before are now a norm in our society. Our Industries Uncovered series tries to unpack these titles and industries taking place in a virtual panel discussion. 

  • Prep with a Pro – Build your brand with our Prep with a Pro video series. Give students insight to your organisation as well as what important skills they require for the best experience as a graduate in your field by producing a short video resource. 

  • Mock Interview Programme – The Mock Interview Programme allows employers to meet with students seeking work. We curate the CVs; schedule the times and you conduct the interviews and find the talent. 

  • Sponsorship Opportunities – Speak to us about CSI opportunities. We can facilitate and grant access to disaggregated student data for bursary and funding opportunities. 

Please note that all prices are excluding VAT.