Navigating a changing world

The 2022 UCT Careers Service Guide is designed to help UCT Students navigate the changing world of work. With insights from the industry, useful advise and job listings from employers, this guide is there to support students and graduates alike. The guide features seven chapters:

  1. About Us: Who are we, why are we here and how can we help you? Let us help you kickstart your career and plan your journey while at UCT.
  2. Navigating a world of change: As a student during a pandemic, you have surely built up crazy resilience. Learn about what skills are in demand, and consider how you can build them.
  3. Working World: It’s never too early to start your career. Prepare to Own the Selection Process with our curated guide on your CV, cover letter, interviews and more.
  4. Postgrad Possibilities: If you’re unsure where to go after graduation, read about emerging research fields and learn more about your various options at UCT.
  5. Studentpreneurs: Meet the innovative studentpreneurs who made their mark at the 2021 EDHE Entrepreneurship Intervarsity, and read about the ins and outs of running a business.
  6. Grad Gallery: Be inspired by the stories of UCT grads that are making waves in their industries and learn how they are navigating the effects of the pandemic.
  7. Employer Directory: Your pocket guide to industry leaders and the opportunities they offer. Learn more about your dream job and get your application in before the deadline.