Ready Steady Go!

Welcome to the 2018 UCT Careers Service Guide, designed to help you navigate the future world of work. The careers guide is a valuable resource full of tips, insights and employment opportunities to help you evaluate your options and guide you through the job application process:

  1. Ready: Your career journey begins. Meet the Careers Service team which is here to support you throughout your time at UCT.
  2. Steady: Get prepared for the future world of work. Research your options and define your skill-set to make better informed choices about your future. Learn about the job application and recruitment process to take the next step of your journey.
  3. Go: You’re on your way. Discover what the working world holds for you and learn from the best in the Graduate Gallery section.
  4. Employer Directory: Connect with employers. Research what opportunities organisations are offering, learn what skills employers are looking for and find out how you can apply.


Download the guide here.