The Mock Interview Programme (MIP) Masterclass is designed to assist students in preparing for their first-round and final job interviews. Following simulated interviews, REAL employers provide valuable feedback to help students improve their performance, helping them to ace their actual interviews.

Why apply to MIP Masterclass?

Acing your job application and interview goes a long way to securing your dream job. The MIP Masterclass gives you a chance to practice how to apply for a job as well as your interviewing skills. A mock interview also helps you review your answers to common interview questions while assessing factors like your outfit, mannerisms and body language. As the saying goes: “practice makes perfect.”

Who should apply?

The MIP Masterclass is aimed at all students across all six faculties. Final and penultimate year students are especially encouraged to apply for this programme.

How to Apply?

* Complete the online form on MyCareer and upload your best CV.

* Submit your application no later than 4th September 2023  for interviews on 13th and 14th September 2023. Apply early as spaces are limited.

* Next steps will be communicated to you via email.

Be sure to submit a CV you have previously used to apply for a job. 

View these helpful resources to update and improve your CV:

What makes this a MIP Masterclass?

  • The Masterclass is preceded by an Interview Workshop delivered by the Careers Service’s Team of Career Development Consultants (on Tuesday 12th September) 
  • This workshop is followed by the Mock Interview Masterclass on 13th and 14th September.
  • Finally, on Friday the 15th of September, our Career Development Consultants (along with Employers) will deliver an Assessment Centre Preparation.

If you are signing up for the MIP Masterclass, it would be beneficial for you to sign up for the above mentioned supporting events too.

When will interviews take place?

MIP interviews will take place over two days: 13th and 14th September 2023. Choose your preferred date and time, as well as your preferred employer when you apply to the programme. You will receive feedback about the status of your application via email.