Student Financial Assistance: Case For Support

Completing a university degree is the aspiration of countless young South Africans, enthused with the hope of making an impactful contribution to our fast-developing region. The challenge of funding this lifelong asset is one that the University of Cape Town (UCT) has committed itself to, ensuring that no student will be turned away simply on the basis of financial need. We endeavour to optimise this opportunity through more financial assistance programmes for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

In the context of a rapidly changing higher education climate in South Africa, and uncertainty about government funding, UCT aims to strengthen its resource capacity through widening its donor support. While much uncertainty prevails around annual fee increases, and the inability of students to meet these rising costs, the need to provide more tertiary study opportunities for our youth cannot be ignored. Due to financial stresses on families, especially those from middle to low income households, many of our promising students cannot gain access to university or have to abandon their studies and follow compromised career paths. The potential contribution that these innovative minds can bring to renewing social, political and economic systems is therefore lost.

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Overview of Donations and External Bursaries


External Bursaries

Eligible for a section18A tax certificate

No tax certificate

Development & Alumni Department (DAD) and COMPANY X (XX) will work together in the preparation of the donation/grant agreement.



The Student Financial Aid (SFA) office will provide XX with a list of eligible candidates, based on the agreed student eligibility criteria. These students will be identified from an existing list of students who have already been deemed eligible for financial aid. XX may then select recipients from this list.


Company X (XX) may advertise the bursary and the university will provide support by advertising it on the relevant site/portal. The application process however, will be managed by XX. XX will have to receive and review all applications, select the recipients and furnish UCT with the final list of bursaries recipients.  


SFA will furnish XX with bi-annual student progress reports as well as their fee statements. This occurs around August and December of each year.


XX will need to liaise with the students directly to obtain their progress reports. It will be the student’s responsibility to prepare and submit the reports timeously.

Contact: Nobi Rululu (Funder Liaison Co-ordinator)

Financial Aid Department

University of Cape Town

Private Bag X3

Rondebosch 7700

Tel: 021 650 4724