The Careers Service is equipped to provide support, knowledge and career expertise to assist each faculty in delivering the best outcomes for students. Find out what we offer to students.


We address every first year group in all faculties during orientation to alert them to our services. We also see a large number of first year students who are uncertain about their choices or have not been accepted into the course they applied to.

Bespoke Workshops and Presentations

We run various bespoke talks and workshops within both undergraduate and postgraduate classes across all faculties.

If you are interested in inviting us to speak to your students or run a workshop, contact the Careers Service

Referring Students

You may encounter students in your courses that may be experiencing the following:

  • Requiring assistance with exploring their career options
  • Needing advice when excluded or are unhappy in their degree or stream
  • Making applications for bursaries , student leadership positions or casual or graduate jobs
  • Unsure of whether to enter employment or continue studying
  • Seeking graduate employment

Career development is essential to all students.

Advise students to connect with us - visit our offices, view our website, sign up on MyCareer, engage with our service.

Offering Students Work in Your Department

Should you have opportunities for students to work in your department and you would like to advertise through us, contact Nawaal Boolay on