Student Women Economic Empowerment Programme (SWEEP) is a pioneering initiative aimed at empowering female students for entrepreneurial success amidst challenges such as gender-based violence and the under-representation of women in entrepreneurship.

Developed through a collaboration between the British Council and the Entrepreneurship Development in Higher Education (EDHE) Programme, SWEEP focuses on raising awareness of entrepreneurship amongst female students and graduates, fostering a culture of social impact, and providing mentorship through connections with mentors from the UK, South Africa, and beyond.

SWEEP operates through student chapters/societies established within 26 public universities, where students take leadership roles within the framework of university policies, driving empowerment and entrepreneurship amongst their peers. This initiative represents a proactive step toward addressing the barriers faced by student women in entrepreneurship and creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for their success. In essence, SWEEP is more than just a project — it is a transformative movement poised to revolutionise the landscape of student entrepreneurship.

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