UCT Careers Service supports students to take ownership of and make informed decisions about their futures through a broad range of career development consulting services and networking opportunities. Our award-winning, future-focused, and innovative service has been commended by both UCT students and employers locally and internationally for it's professional service and for its effort to connect students to opportunities and support them on their career journey. Apart from a commitment to create career-ready graduates, the Service also has a strong focus on empowering student entrepreneurs.

UCT students can access:

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Whatever your degree choice, year of study or career ambitions, we are here to assist you in realising your goals and aspirations.

Email: careers.service@uct.ac.za

Phone: 021 650 2497

Instagram: @uctcareersservice

Twitter: @UCTCareers

YouTube: @UCT Careers Service

LinkedIn: @UCTCareersService

MyCareer Portal

MyCareer connects recruiters with UCT students and alumni. By visiting the online careers portal, students have 24/7 access to a broad range of information such as career events, bursaries and employment opportunities. Students can personalise their MyCareer account to receive customised notifications about information and opportunities relevant to them.


Use MyCareer to: 


TIP: Log on to your profile and customise your account to receive notifications about opportunities and events of interest to you.