Choosing A Career

Grade 11's and 12’s often express fears about “choosing the wrong career”. This is greatly lessened if you understand you are not choosing a career for life in matric. If you do have a specific career in mind, research it well, as many people have inaccurate and romanticised ideas about what certain jobs entail. But if you haven’t a clue what you’re going to be, don’t stress. Choose a study area that you are interested in and good at. Whether you are sure about what you want to do career-wise or not, it is essential to research the content of a course you are considering.

If researching your study choices seems too overwhelming for you in matric, don’t panic. This is normal, even healthy. This is not the time to narrow your horizons. If in doubt, specialise later rather than sooner. Remember, career development is a life- long process – give yours the time and attention you deserve.

To help learners from Grade 11 onwards make better informed study choices, we provide paid one-to-one career consultations.

If you would like some guidance on choosing a degree at UCT watch this video: