An interview is a structured conversation where interviewers will try to find out more about you, your skills, experience, extracurricular involvement and personal attributes. They are trying to get a real sense of your suitability to the team and organisation. An interview is a two-way conversation: it is your chance to find out more about the opportunity and environment, and to decide if the fit is good for you.

You CAN and MUST prepare for interviews. Not only will this will help with your anxiety levels, it will increase your chances of securing the job/bursary/internship. Your preparation will help you to have an understanding of yourself, the role, the organisation and the sector.

To find out everything you need to know about the selection process, watch our eight-part mini-series, Own Your Selection Process, below. You can also download these resources to help you:

Mini-Series: Own Your Selection Process

An 8-part mini-series focusing on different aspects of the selection and interview process.

If you are a UCT student and you would like help to prepare or practise for an interview, you can book a free consultation on MyCareer.