The Careers Service hosts a number of careers expos throughout the year.  These events, which cover a wide range of sectors, offer students the opportunity to meet and network with top local and global organisations, whilst offering recruiters the opportunity to meet a large number of potential candidates in an instant. Attending a careers expo is an ideal opportunity to build brand recognition on campus and promote the opportunities you have on offer. 

  • Own Your Future Career Expo – 18 April 2023

Our first semester expo is suited for our Employer Partners wanting to build a brand, inform & attract students to your programmes talent as well as for companies recruiting for internship and/or bursary programmes. 

  • Law Expo – 10 May 2023

The UCT Faculty of Law is rated among the Top 100 Law Schools in the world and attracts excellent students from diverse backgrounds. The Law Expo is held at the home of UCT’s Law Faculty in Kramer Building.

  • Epic Job Expo – 16 August 2023

The Epic Job Expo has incorporated the popular All Degrees, Accounting, Business related and Tech & Engineering Expos into our flagship job expo to ensure your talent attraction plan has become well rounded and targeted. There will be sector specific pavilions to ensure you better communication between employer and students.

For more information about our expo packages, view our Rate CardAdditionally, you can contact the Graduate Recruitment team for further details.