The Careers Service hosts a number of careers expos throughout the year.  These events, which cover a wide range of sectors, offer students the opportunity to meet and network with top local and global organisations, whilst offering recruiters the opportunity to meet a large number of potential candidates in an instant. Attending a careers expo is an ideal opportunity to build brand recognition on campus and promote the opportunities you have on offer. 

  • Internship and Job Expo – 16 & 17 April 2024

As the first annual Career Expo of the year, the Internship and Job Expo provides a unique platform for employers to strengthen their brand, showcase their diverse internship and bursary programmes with promising students, and build a high-quality talent pipeline. To accommodate the high employer demand for access to this event, this expo now runs over 2 days. The Internship and Job Expo is known to be immensely popular amongst students seeking to carve out their professional paths, and as a result, exhibition booths sell out swiftly. Employers are encouraged to act promptly to secure their booths, ensuring they connect with top talent and make a lasting impact on the future workforce.

  • Law Expo – 8 & 9 May 2024

The UCT Faculty of Law, recognised as one of the world's Top 100 Law Schools, consistently draws exceptional students from various backgrounds. The Law Expo takes place at UCT's Law Faculty, housed in the Kramer Building. We have decided to host our Law Expo over 2 days enabling us to host a maximum of 20 exhibitors on each day.

  • Epic Job Expo – 7 August 2024

Our premier event, The Epic Job Expo, is a comprehensive career expo that caters to the employment needs of all faculties. It brings together a diverse range of employers and job-seeking students and graduates, providing a platform for networking and recruitment opportunities. This integrated approach ensures that individuals from various fields have equal access to potential job opportunities and is tailored to promote the optimisation of your talent attraction strategy. In 2023, our event featured more than 80 exhibitors and attracted over 5,300 students. For this year, we have introduced an early bird opportunity exclusively available to those who opt for the Tier 1 registration, which will remain open until April 19th.

For more information about our expo packages, view our Rate CardAdditionally, you can contact the Graduate Recruitment team for further details.